Benny the Blue Dane

Benny - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

BENNY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!!!! Benny went to an AMAZING home with plenty of Dane experience, 2 dane sisters (one of them is a senior with her own set of wheels) and his very own room!!!! Benny is without a doubt going to be spoiled!!!! This adoption was meant to be for 2 reasons! 1). His new daddy, a trial attorney, is an alum of Oregon State, and their mascot iiiiiiissssss… Benny the Beaver!!! 2). Just like Benny, his new momma was born with a condition that affected her heart and she didn’t find out until a couple years ago when she had a heart attack! YIKES! Remember how Benny’s hernia had intestine literally engulfing his heart and it would’ve been a huge issue had we not fixed it?!?!? Wellllll, if that’s not meant to be, then I don’t know what is!!!! We couldn’t be happier for this boy!!! He is going to have quite the spoiled life!!!! Happy tails, sweet boy!