Benny the Bulldog

Benny the Bulldog - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Benny the Bulldog, that was euthanasia listed at Riverside County Animal Services found his forever home!!!! This WONDERFUL family lost their beloved bulldog, Heidi, recently and saw Benny listed as available for adoption and the similarities between the pose in the pic were far too obvious to ignore! They KNEW he had to be a part of their family, it was almost as if their beloved Heidi was sending Benny to them!!!! He is doing FANTASTIC, bonding and adjusting quickly and he has already won EVERYONE over!!!! He goes to work with his mom during the day and gets TONS of attention from everyone! Then, after a long day at work, he relaxes on the couch with his humans like the true velcro dog he is! We couldn’t be happier for this boy! He’s has it rough, so he is more than deserving of all this love and attention… FOREVER! HAPPY TAILS, BENNY!!!! We can’t wait for all your updates!!!! Be a good boy and enjoy your forever!!!