Draco - One Dane at a Time

This tall drink of water is Draco. Draco came to us as an owner surrender and has been working on his manners while in foster care. He is a big boy for being 10ish months old and he will DEFINITELY need an experienced owner. If you do not already have dane experience, I’m sorry, but Draco is not for you. He is pushy, mouthy at times (all in play and responds well to correction), and he is a known counter surfer. He is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, housebroken and crate trained. He does well with older children (older than 10 because of size) and he gets along well with all dogs. He has not been tested with cats, so it is unknown how he would do with cats. DRACO NEEDS AN EXPERIENCED HOME… I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. He is a GREAT pup, but we won’t set him up for failure by placing him in a home that is not fully prepared for all that he brings to the table. OBEDIENCE TRAINING CLASSES WILL BE A MUST FOR THIS BOY.

Age - Puppy


Draco is around 8 months old.

Health Status

Health Status

Draco has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Special Needs

Draco has no special needs that we’re aware of.

Kids - Yes


Draco is good with children.

Dogs - Yes


Draco is good with other dogs.



Draco hasn’t had a chance to tell us about this yet.