Hugo - One Dane at a Time

Rainbow Foster

It is with very heavy hearts that we report that Hugo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, just shy of his 3rd birthday. With so much going on in the world and with so much that our little rescue has gone through in the last 3 weeks, we waited on sharing this info because it all just seemed like too much. However, it is ALWAYS a lot in rescue and we realize that no matter when we share devastating news like this, it is never going to be a “good time” or the “right time.” On Monday, 3/16, Hugo’s foster awoke to find that Hugo has passed away in his sleep. Hugo was a therapy dog, a PERFECT boy who was surrendered to us for suspected IBS and we were in the process of ruling out other diagnoses. The bottom line is this, people… PLEASE. STOP. BUYING. DOGS. FROM. BACKYARD. BREEDERS! YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU DO THIS!!!!! Those cute puppies on CL, Facebook Marketplace, pet stores… JUST STOP! THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE PRODUCING! They are producing sick, unhealthy dogs that do not deserve the hand they’re dealt! I honestly don’t know how else to say it! This is a HEARTBREAKING, GUT WRENCHING, THANKLESS job we do and we would like to know that we can at least say, at the end of the day, that we educated some to the enormous problem of backyard breeding and spay and neuter! PLEASE! The next time you want to go and pay $600 for a parasite infested, not health tested, puppy off CL whose parents will NEVER know a good life, PLEASE… think of Hugo, think of Noelle and their lives being cut short because of GREED! Noelle and Hugo were both not even 3 years old! DON’T LET THEIR DEATHS BE IN VAIN! PLEASE STOP BUYING FROM IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDERS!