June - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Our girl, June (from the Johnny and June duo we pulled from Tulare County Animal Control)… HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!!

June was turned in as a stray, with evidence that she had JUST finished nursing a litter. She was young, but had already been used for profit by producing a few litters in her short life.  When the shelter reached out to us about her, there was no question about whether we would take her (AND Johnny) in! 

This girl was a dream from the start! SUCH a sweet and loving dog, despite whatever she had been through… just a sweet, SWEET dog!!!! Welllll, June’s dreams of a family of her own for the Holidanes (and for LIFE) came true, and she was adopted by, Nick and his girlfriend (who is also a dane momma)! They couldn’t be happier with this sweet girl and we couldn’t be happier for June!!! HAPPY TAILS, SWEET JUNE!!!!