Laney - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Laney, our girl that we pulled out of the Bonita shelter with a massive 10″ x 12″ mammary mass… Welllll, aside from the mass, her rescue story is a great one! So, one day while I was vetting adoption apps, I came across Eric’s adoption app. Fist step was to call his references. One of his references was his girlfriend Katie. Katie and I immediately hit it off and spoke for close to an hour. She informed me that the reason Eric was looking to adopt a Dane is because he had fallen so in love with Katie’s senior Dane, Lucy. Well, turned out Eric was getting cold feet about adopting at that moment, buuuuuut, Katie decided she wanted to sign up for fostering! Lo and behold, about a week later Laney turned up in need of a foster and Katie and Eric went to the Bonita shelter to pull her out of there. They immediately fell in love with this sweet girl… Eric was smitten. He has been there every step of the way, taking her to vet appointments and buying her toys and treats. So, it came as no surprise when I found out that she was going to (sort of) be a foster failure. Laney had been a sort of joint custody fostering and Eric just couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye and sending her off to another family. Sooooo, on that note, Laney has ALSO been adopted!! Happy tails and CONGRATULATIONS sweet girl!!!!! We KNOW that there is nothing but the good life in store for you from here on out!!!! Happy Dog Father’s Day, Eric!!! We couldn’t be happier for the 2 of you! 💙🐾💙🐾