Louie - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Louie was an owner surrender with his buddy, Billy in November 2018. First, he wouldn’t leave the door and once he was let out he ran into a corner, cowered and wouldn’t come back inside… even in the rain. Billy and Louie were owner surrenders from someone who had supposedly had Danes his entire life. Well, these dogs were TERRIFIED, SHUT DOWN, UNSOCIALIZED AND FEARFUL! They were fantastic with each other, but terrible around other dogs and even selective about some people. Well, a few months ago we finally found a foster willing to take one of them on (we had been wanting to separate them from the start). Louie was then taken on by a WONDERFUL foster who had recently relocated to Cali for her work and she lived alone, had no dogs and could give this boy the time and attention he deserved and very much needed. Louie started going to work with Kate, on weekend getaways, he was meeting children and interacting with people and doing AMAZING with EVERYTHING thrown his way! As we were deciding to put Louie up for adoption (finally) to the right home, Kate became increasingly aware that she would not be able to part with him. What made this difficult was, Kate was going to be moving to AZ and would not be able to take Louie with her while she looked for a place, soooooo, another AMAZING foster stepped up to watch Louie while Kate found a place that would allow her to have him. After a couple of weeks, Kate found a place that would accept Louie and she showed up to pick up HER boy! He couldn’t have been happier to see her and vice-versa! Kate and Louie have now been reunited and are living their new lives together… FOREVER! Kate could not be a better fit for this boy! HAPPY TAILS, sweet Louie! Kate, thank you for giving this boy a chance and being EVERYTHING he needed and MORE!!!!! HAPPY LIFE, LOUIE & KATE!!!!!