Luke - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Our boy Luke was adopted!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!! This poor boy has been a VERY challenging case. He suffers from SEVERE separation anxiety, to the point where he will jump out of a window if anxious enough. He is also an extremely fearful dog, probably something to do with wandering the orchards and fields of Central California as a stray for so long. Luke has many traits that made him unadoptable to most homes. However, we KNEW that once we found THE ONE… the home that would be the perfect fit, that he would open up, trust, relax and ultimately… thrive. Luke had been adopted out already and returned, which is when he landed in the home of an ├╝ber dedicated foster that loved him enough to look at all the challenges in front of her and face them head on… for Luke. NOTHING makes us happier than knowing that someone is willing to take on the commitment of a difficult dog… not take the “easy” dogs or give up at the first sign of a problem! I could not be more certain that Luke is right where he should be… where he should have always been. Luke is a BIG… HUGE…. FOSTER FAIL! Happy tails, sweet boy!