Mac - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Mac, our fawn senior boy has a lot to be thankful for… HE’S FOUND HIS FOREVER HOME!!!! And, guess what? He didn’t have to go far… he was adopted by his incredible foster momma!!!! These 2 were bonded like glue from day 1… so, this came as no surprise! I couldn’t be happier for Mac!

Mac is going to be in good hands with 2 RVTs in the household! He also has a pet pig, horses, cats, dogs and over an acre to roam and play. BONUS to this story, is that Mac’s brother and his wife (also an RVT) live on the same property, and they recently lost their beloved weimaraner. They reached out about the finding Nemo puppies and they are doing a trial adoption with Dory! From what has been reported, he’s being a VERY good “Uncle Mac” and he’s showing her the ropes!!!!

Please join me in congratulating Mac on finding his forever home that will absolutely spoil him rotten during his golden years!