Maci - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

ODAAT’s very first dane… Maci! Maci was being discarded along with several other adult Danes on CL… FOR FREE! Her owner was a BYB and who had been warned by AC to get rid of dogs or he would be fined, sooooo, he put them up for free on CL… several intact adults! Sadly, by the time we got wind of it only Maci was left, well and all of her puppies of course… poor girl is 6 and was STILL being bred. She was taken into foster care by a WONDERFUL woman and her son who took her in and showed her love like she had never known, had the patience to give her the time and space she needed to come out of her shell… and boy has she! Maci was extremely timid at first, not even wanting to step foot indoors, but with baby steps she has blossomed into a silly, stubborn, loving and affectionate couch potato. She has a little human, Will, that absolutely adores her and she loves him! She has a dane sister Zena, a new foster brother Vader and 2 PAWSOME PAWRENTS that take her to brunch on Sundays, spoil her rotten and love her beyond measure!!!! Maci, I think it goes without saying that you have hit the lottery, sweet girl! Your senior years are looking very golden! CONGRATS MACI, AMANDA, WILL AND TODD!!!! Thank you for loving her and giving her the life she so very much deserves. Maci will ALWAYS hold a special place in One Dane at a Time history as our very first dane!