Nacho - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Remember our boy, Nacho, from TJ living on rocks?! Wellllll, he is living the GREAT life now, with the MOST AMAZING family EVER, up in the Bay Area! We could not be any happier for this Cinderella story! We are so very grateful for families like these. That open their hearts and their homes to an older dane, with a COMPLETELY unknown past, and are fully committed to making things work out regardless what obstacles might arise. Nacho has been a wonderful addition to their home, they LOVE him and all his quirks! We have no idea what this boy has had to endure his whole life, but we know one thing for sure, he will know NOTHING but love, comfort and security for the rest of his days! Happy tails, sweet Nacho! HUGE thanks to Nacho’s foster family, this was the first dane they ever fostered and they did a FANTASTIC job with him! Thank you!