Noelle - One Dane at a Time

Rainbow Foster

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share with you that momma Noelle, the momma to our #danedeer litter died in her kennel overnight, at the vet’s office after a routine spay. To say I am heartbroken, devastated, shocked, speechless and angry would be a huge understatement. This girl had been with me since November, she was the BEST momma EVER and, what she lacked in obedience she made up for in temperament and love. Noelle had the BEST temperament I have EVER seen in a dane, she just got along with everything and everyone. What makes this even more devastating is that she was finally getting spayed in preparation for going to her new, forever, home where she was going to enjoy a life of her own, without being a momma and a breeding machine. This girl had so much life left to live and I am beyond saddened that she will never get to live it. I hope you run free and rest easy, sweet girl. I hope your short time with me and my pack was fun and enjoyable and that you KNEW how loved you were. You will most definitely be missed my sweet girl! Say hi to all our angels up there, you’ll be in the greatest of company.