Oreo - One Dane at a Time

WELCOME OREO!!!! We got a call from a farmer in California’s Central Valley about a dog that she said had been “dumped.” After he was trapped, they were able to find the rightful owner of the dog and he surrendered him over.

Oreo is a complete love so far! LOVES people and seems to be great with dogs! All his playgroup videos were very appropriate and promising. He has only been with us a short time so we don’t know a ton about him just yet, but what we do know is that he seems to be a big puppy that loves people. He will need a foster soooooo… you know the drill.

Welcome to the good life Oreo!!!!

Age - 1


Oreo is about 1 year old.

Health Status

Health Status

Oreo will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Special Needs

Oreo has no special needs that we know of.

Kids - Yes


Oreo is good with kids.

Dogs - Yes


Oreo is good with other dogs.



Oreo hasn’t had a chance to tell us about this yet.