Rose - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Rose’s life was, to the best of our knowledge, an unfortunate one. She first ended up at the shelter as a young, BEAUTIFUL and energetic 3-4 year old. For whatever reason, Rose was adopted out to a private party by the shelter, intact! She then reappeared approx 4 years later in pretty bad shape after having very obviously been used for breeding by her “adopters.” Rose was adopted by a woman who tragically died 2 weeks after adopting her. This woman’s sister reached out to ODAAT and one of our very first fosters took her in… no questions asked and made her an instant part of the family. Rose quickly learned all about being spoiled and “living the good life!” The children LOVED her as she did them… and Rose made it to “foster fail” status quickly. ❤

It is with a heavy heart that we report that our sweet Rose, one of ODAAT’s first intakes, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 🌈

It was always suspected, as with many rescues that little is known about, that Rose was older than we initially thought. Over the weekend, as her family was excited about the adoption of their other ODAAT foster, Angus, they were also concerned about Rose, who had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. On Friday, her mom came home as per usual to check on the dogs during her lunch break, only to find Rose collapsed in the backyard. After visits to the vet and attempted medical management, Rose made no improvement and she let her family know that it was her time. It was such a bittersweet weekend, what should’ve been nothing but excitement and celebration at Angus’ adoption, was dampened by sadness at Rose’s passing. 💔