Samson - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Samson is a 5 year old, black, dog reactive dane. Not exactly at the top of the “desirable” list for many! However, THIS should go to show you that EVERY dog has it’s PERFECT HOME out there… and we DO BELIEVE this is his!

Samson was adopted by a WONDERFUL AND COMMITTED family that was not one bit intimidated or put off by his history! Rather, his new momma took it on with dedication and fervor from the very beginning! Within 48 hours this boy was meeting with a trainer to start working on his dog reactivity. Samson is AMAZING with children and has already adopted his 2 human siblings as his own, and they ADORE him, too!!!

We couldn’t be happier for Samson AND his family!!!! Here’s to many years of happiness and bedtime stories! Of course, NONE of this would have been possible without the unwavering dedication of is foster momma, Teresa, who stepped up to foster this boy so he wouldn’t be put down! Teresa worked tirelessly at exposing Samson to many different environments and situations, in an effort to socialize him and help him gain confidence… something his former family never did. A HUGE thank you to Teresa and her hubby for opening their home to this boy and not once giving up on him! THANK YOU!

HAPPY TAILS, SAMSON!!!!! YOU GOT THIS, BUDDY!!!!! We’re sooooo proud of you!!!!!