Sephora - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

Sephora (now, Sophie) has chosen her people (and her favorite College Team)! She has been adopted by an AMAZING couple who is determined to make this girl be the BEST that she can be!!!!! Sophie was pulled from the Fresno Humane Society as part of a confiscation case. Sophie has had her challenges. She had a pretty bad case of pneumonia, she had some abscesses on her front extremities and, turns out, she REALLY bonded hard and fast to her people, so she got to where she was being very protective around certain dogs and she was not showing her best side. All of this, after what was clearly and evidently a life of being someone’s moneymaker because she seems to have been bred her entire life! She has been adopted by an AMAZING couple that already her enrolled in classes for socialization (they will stop at nothing to give the girl her BEST life), they spoil her rotten, they even let her choose her own team (UCLA Bruins), they take her wine tasting (which she LOVES), to al fresco dining, and she even goes on runs with her dad to deliver Meals on Wheels to people in need. She is most definitely living her best life and this is what we live for at ODAAT! We absolutely aim to match the perfect dog with their PAWFECT human! CONGRATS to Sophie and her family! Happy tails, sweet Sophie!!! You got this!!!! Nothing but happy days from here on out!