Tank - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

OUR LONG TIME FOSTER, TANK, WAS ADOPTED!!!!!!! We couldn’t be happier for this boy!!!!!! He found his unicorn! At ODAAT, we know how important it is to wait for the RIGHT home for each dog and not just the first one that fills out an app for a dog, and that was the case with Tank! He has been in foster care for 9 months now. He found himself at the West Los Angeles Shelter the day after Christmas as an owner surrender! Surprise surprise. NOT! He and another dog, Raven (that we also took in and she has been adopted), both found themselves at the same shelter with NO ONE willing to step up… so we pulled them on the same day, after 2 long months of being in the shelter. Tank is a sweet and loving boy, but has always been dog reactive/selective, and he’s black, and he’s not young… so this boy definitely had some things working against him in terms of what most people are looking for. However, I truly believe there is someone out there that is a PAWFECT match for each and every dog, and this weekend, Tank found his! He is going to have a WONDERFUL life with a family that are long time dane owners and they recently and unexpectedly lost theirs, so Tank is helping to fill that enormous void. We can’t wait for updates on this sweet boy!!!! HAPPY TAILS, TANK!!!!! Also, a HUGE thank you to Tank’s foster who provided him with a safe and loving home all these months! We can’t do this without our fosters!!!!