Tula - One Dane at a Time

Adoption Announcement!

OUR TULA WAS ADOPTED!!!! I grew VERY attached to her as she is truly the definition of a gentle giant! We pulled Tula from San Bernardino to foster her while she was still on her chip hold because we couldn’t bear the thought of this girl, that had clearly been used for breeding and then discarded, to spend one more night than necessary in that cold shelter. Anyone that has met Tula can attest to the fact that she is by far one of the sweetest, most gentle beings EVER! We are so happy that after all these months in foster care, someone was able to overlook her mom bod and see the beauty within… because this girl is a GEM!!!! I will miss her terribly, but am so happy that she is going to a home with other senior Danes and greyhounds and a mom who is a stay-at-home dog mom because this girl deserves NOTHING but the best!

HAPPY TAILS, MY SWEET TULA!!!! You will be greatly missed, but I KNOW we will see eachother again soon!