Ziggy - One Dane at a Time

Introducing Ziggy Stardust!

This sweet boy is 10 weeks old, crate trained, housebroken and absolutely AMAZING (not to mention, ADORABLE)! No doubt there will be TONS of interest in him, and being that he is a dane puppy that will require a TON of work and commitment, the requirements will be EXTRA tough with this boy. We will be looking through existing apps and will be accepting other apps as well. Please, PLEASE, do not submit an app and then follow it up with several emails, as that only adds to our already heavy workload. If you submit an app, be patient… please, and answer phone calls that are from restricted numbers and check spam folder. We are volunteer based and spend A LOT of time going through these apps only to then finally call and not be able to get through. Keep in mind, there is one dog and there will undoubtedly be dozens of apps, so please understand that he will be placed in the most appropriate home and not the home that wants a puppy the most.

Age - Puppy


Ziggy is about 10 weeks old.

Health Status

Health Status

ZIggy will be microchipped, have age appropriate vaccines, and go to home with a neuter contract.


Special Needs

Ziggy has no special needs that we know of at this time.

Kids - Older


Because Ziggy is just a puppy, he should go to a home with no small children..

Dogs - Yes


Ziggy is good with other dogs!



Ziggy hasn’t had a chance to tell us about this yet.